Salt Lake City

1543 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

(801) 466-7993
Fax: (801) 466-1749

Services offered from this location include Property/Casualty adjusting and investigation, and full service Workers’ Compensation claims adjusting and administration.  Salt Lake City offers auto appraisal, heavy equipment appraisal and adjusting, property appraisal and adjusting, casualty and bodily injury investigation and adjusting, construction defect specialists, cargo claims handling, and full and task assignments for all lines.  In addition to our standard Property/Casualty adjusting services, the Salt Lake City also staffs a team of experts that handle both Fire Investigation and Accident Reconstruction.  Our Fire Investigation team handles both commercial and residential property as well as auto fire and has the ability to travel nationwide at client request.  Our experts have the industry expertise, training, and trial experience to provide our clients with exceptional service.

Workers Compensation Services include full in-state representation for insurance companies and Third Party Administration for Self-Insured companies. We also complete outside investigation assignments on a task basis including recorded statements, subrogation recovery, accident scene investigation etc. Third Party Administration for Self-Insured General Liability is also available.

Mark Ingersoll
Mark has 37 years of experience as an insurance claims adjuster and 34 years experience as a claims manager. He is our Utah Manager and also serves as the Vice President of the corporation.
Quinn Parker
Quinn is our Utah Workers' Compensation Manager and has 38 years experience in the industry, including 19 years in his current position.
Joseph Andersen
Joseph has 14 years experience as an auto damage appraisal specialist as well as 25 years of body shop experience. He specializes in auto, light, medium, and heavy truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, and R...
Kevin Barclay
Kevin has 22 years experience in the insurance industry, including 16 handling property claims. He worked for two years as a CAT adjuster settling extensive hurricane damage claims.
Frank Binkerd
Frank has 24 years of experience handling auto appraisal claims, including damage inspection, estimate preparation, and total loss evaluation. Frank also has 30 years of body shop work experience, inc...
Richard Cavin
Rich is a multi-line adjuster with over 40 years of experience in the insurance claim industry, including supervising both property and liability claims. He worked as an insurance carrier claim manage...
Myron Dennison
Myron has 21 years experience in auto, truck & trailer, RV, ATV, and property appraisals.
Kevin Hansen
Kevin has 37 years experience as an insurance claims adjuster, as well as five years experience in vehicle body and paint repair. Kevin is a multi-line adjuster with extensive experience handling bodi...
Jeff Parker
Jeff has over 5 years experience handling insurance claims and specializes in automobile appraisals and social media investigations.
Kenneth Horn
Ken specializes in physical damage appraisal and adjusting of heavy equipment, tractor/trailer losses, cargo and cranes.
Linda Kronstadt
Linda Kronstadt has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry with expertise in handling bodily injury, medical malpractice and professional liability claims.
Paul Fishburn
Paul is a multi-line property/casualty adjuster specializing in personal and commercial property with 14 years adjusting experience.
Rex Nelson
Rex has 12 years experience as a full-time Cause and Origin Investigator as well as 34 years experience in law enforcement, including experience working property crimes, fraud, and fire and origin cas...
Ryan Sadler
Ryan has 11 years claim handling experience and specializes in personal and commercial property. He also has 3 years experience working with a restoration contractor and was a small business owner for...
Tad Norris
Tad has 24 years experience as an Origin and Cause Investigator for a city fire department and 18 years experience as a Fire Investigative Mechanic for an investigation firm.
Mary Salak
Mary has over 10 years of experience in marketing professional services, with a background in designing marketing programs...
Greg Meppen
Greg is a multi-line adjuster specializing in casualty claims with 35 years in the insurance industry, including 11 as Owner/Operator of an independent adjusting company.
Geesette Walters
Geesette has 15 years experience in the insurance industry, including 10 years experience handling medical and time loss claims.

Intermountain Service Areas

Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

Montana Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Montana

Oregon Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services in Portland, E. Oregon, and the surrounding areas

Utah Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Utah

Washington Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Washington and P&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

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